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At Launch, each coaching plan is tailored to your unique goals and circumstances. We’ve developed creative ways to identify and harness your natural talents as we design a personalized road map to help you achieve your goals. Launch Coaching will help you push through fear so you can find a life and career path that fulfills and excites you. 

How it works


Our goal - help you navigate through  college successfully and help you land in a career that is a the best fit for you.  Coaching starts with a conversation and an assessment to create a list of your best work and academic skills along with your personality traits. Next we practice so you can easily communicate your best qualities and use them in classes, clubs, and social situations.  


There are many more opportunities available when you use your best traits with purpose so, we work together to create career and life goals that match your talents. Through lots of practice, you turn your best attributes into the strengths you can use to be productive, healthy, and happy. With my help and the right tools, you can easily get the best out of your classes, internships, activities and social experiences.* We set you up for success with practice in real life situations that you choose.  


Finally, all the work we do is aimed toward helping you create the path to success that works or you.  Along the way, you'll learn to develop deep and meaningful relationships with friends, teachers, and mentors. At the end of our time together, you will be able to communicate your strengths to others. You will feel more confident in your skills and abilities. Finally, you will be completely capable of being successful out in the real world. 


*If an academic tutor, college counselor or specialist is needed, we will help you identify a good match.

Kind Words

Maia - College Student

"Barb is the most amazing woman. She is so kind and patient and wants every person she meets to reach their fullest potential. She helped me realize my strengths and ways to use who I already am to do my best in every situation."