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Presented by Barbara Greenberg and Dan Tyre


A Career Coaching Program specially designed for people who are ready to take on the tech world through an internship, first career, or to climb the corporate ladder.  If you are a first generation tech searcher, this program is for you!

Elevate your tech career through simple and effective tactics that


Do you need help finding your first tech internship?


Are you entering the workforce for the first time and feeling a bit lost?


Are you stuck in your career but feel hesitant to make a switch to tech?


Are you ready to climb the corporate ladder but don't know how to spread the word?

Hi! I am Barbara Greenberg, the lead coach for the 1st Gen Tech career coaching program.

I get it! I've been there. And the good news? Your personality, experience, resilience, and skillset are more marketable than you know! As a veteran career coach, I have navigated turbulent employment markets, and I know how to not only survive but thrive during times of economic uncertainty. 


There is no time like the present to hone the skills that make you a competitive candidate and develop the tenacity to move towards your career goals.


Through our program, you will learn to communicate your personal value clearly and effectively, create an impactful and authentic professional brand, and become armed with the knowledge to go confidently in the direction of your career aspirations.

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