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Through our sessions, you will make discoveries about your unique talents.  Launch Coaching helps clients develop personally, gain clarity, explore their passions, and take big steps towards their dreams and career goals.


In the act of implementing our coaching techniques and tools, our clients gain the ability to infuse their lives and work with passion while developing a positive, proactive mindset that propels them to success. 

How it works


Our goal - help you create a life where you have the career, relationships and financial well-being you want. Coaching starts with a conversation and an assessment to create a list of your best work skills along with your personality traits. Next we practice so you can easily communicate your best qualities and use them at work, and in social situations.  


There are many opportunities available to you when you can use your talents with purpose. We will work together to develop your talents and turn them into strengths through practice. Launch coaches will educate, motivate, plan, and coach you to be at your the best at home, at work, and in your social life.* We want you to practice new skills in real life situations.


When you know how to activate your strengths, you can more easily reach your professional and life goals through intentional actions. You will have more awareness of what makes you unique and be more capable of directing your strengths to winning in your career and growing as a professional. Along the way, you'll learn to develop deep and meaningful relationships, find your inner power, and discover your purpose. Launch coaching accelerates the process of discovering your professional and personal calling so you can thrive!


Kind Words

Kaylie M. - Non-Profit Executive Director

Barbara is a true expert at what she does. She is passionate about helping teams succeed and is a wonderful and patient coach to helping ensure this happens. I highly recommend Barbara if you're looking for strengths-based coaching or to improve performance in your company or personal life.

Craig A. - Vice President Sales

"Barbara takes the time to understand the unique experiences, history, and talents of her clients. She guides her clients with appropriate questions that help the client focus on what is important."