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As coaches, we teach young adults productive habits to strengthen their resilience and general wellbeing including practical steps to cope with their challenges. We believe our clients are capable of making choices, learning, recovering from disappointments, and taking action.  However, sometimes we all could use more information, direction, support and expertise to help us meet our goals.

Launch programs inspire mental resourcefulness and resilience by building our clients' natural strengths and talents through practice in real life situations. We help clients practice coping skills by applying talents to master everyday activities – in classes, clubs, service projects, part-time work and internships. Through practice, they learn how to self-advocate by asking better questions, and learn how to manage their weaknesses by problem solving and learning to adapt. Finally, we help our clients identify and explore their values and passions. Our job is to create a course of action in collaboration with our clients so they can meet their goals and be successful. 


We coach young adults to better manage and meet challenges at school, at work, or

during a college or job search.

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