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#1 Parents, please stay in your lane.

Launch Coaching is the space where I coach great young people to college and then a career. I teach and coach teens and young adults how to navigate their own lives. Although I spend most of my time coaching great kids, these next several blog posts are for parents. Why parents? Because parents participate in a big way during the launch process. Also, we parents have a HUGE interest in the success of our children. Fingers crossed, someday our children will be helping us get along in the world when we are in our senior years. Maybe this is just a little payback for all the worrying, sacrifices and sleepless nights?!

Kidding aside, the reason for this blog, videos and posts that follow is to help the parents of the children I coach, and all the other parents out there including me to Stay In Our Lane as we launch your children from teenagers to adulthood! What do I mean by this? Well, that is what this blog, the next several short videos and posts are about. How to raise great kids and launch them to a happy and successful life by guiding and supporting our children without lectures, nagging, and going broke.

Most of the hard work of raising our kiddos is done, now we have to try and take a step back from all the day-to-day parenting and let them learn how to navigate their responsibilities, make choices and create a life they were meant to live. By staying in our lanes, we allow our children to learn how to navigate, let me say again LEARN how to navigate their own lives so when they head out for college or a career, they can make good choices and eventually live on their own with confidence. In other words, they can leave our houses for good and support themselves. They HAVE TO LEARN how to navigate their own lives or we will be raising them and supporting them for the rest of our lives. Who wants to be doing that? We have things to do, places to go, and our own bucket lists to address! And, they have to go out there a make the world a better place because right now it isn't looking to good for any of us.

Every week, I will be sharing information or interviewing experts like psychologists, educators, coaches, other parents and your children. I promise to offer actionable ideas and resources from the village, too. Please write in and share your tips for launching your children to college and their careers. Staying is our lanes is hard, very hard work. It is not going to be easy and we have to do this. I feel better knowing that there will be other people out there on this journey with me.

Please share this blog, the videos and posts that follow with your friends and families. and practice Staying in Your Lane!

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